Conservatory Roofs in Chichester
Conservatory Roof Insulation in Horsham and the Surrounding Areas

There are a variety of reasons why your existing conservatory roof may be failing, the most popular being slipped panels and leakages. Often easily repaired, there is the chance of these problems reoccurring again, however, especially during bouts of extremely windy and wet weather. 

At ComfiSpace Ltd, we have the solution to your conservatory roof repairs. Our solid warm roof installations provide protection from the effects of bad weather, ensuring our Chichester and Horsham clients can still use these additional rooms throughout the colder and more inclement months. 

Why You Need our COMFIBOARD Roofing Systems

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your existing conservatory, contact our experienced team at ComfiSpace:

  • Broken Roof Panels

  • Condensation Issues

  • Cracked Roof Panels

  • Damaged Roof Vents

  • Faulty Flashing

  • Slipped or Loose Roof Panels

It is easy to replace one or two damaged or failing panels, but that won’t improve the overall practicality of your conservatory roof as it currently stands. Whilst you won’t experience any further leaks, condensation or whistling winds, the temperature within the room will still be too hot in the summer and far too cold in the winter. 

So why consider repairs when you can avail of ComfiSpace’s complete conservatory roof replacements instead? Doing so allows our many clients to experience the ambient temperatures our specifically designed panels are renowned for in Chichester, Horsham and the surrounding areas throughout East and West Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

All workmanship carried out by our professional team comes with a 5-year guarantee and an additional 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on materials. 

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To find out more about our warm roof installations in Chichester, Horsham and the surrounding areas, call our team today on 07843 876342 or 07454 161638.

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