Conservatory Roof Insulation and Warm Roof Installations in Chichester and the Surrounding Areas
What Blinds Will Suit Your Conservatory Best?

Originally home owners who had conservatories installed would suffer the heat of the summer and winter chill. Due to the amount of glass involved in the manufacture of these property additions, temperatures would fluctuate continuously which only allowed for the comfortable use of conservatories during spring and autumn. 

No longer the case, thanks to our COMFIBOARD solid warm conservatory roof insulation, ComfiSpace Ltd offers clients in Chichester and the surrounding areas replacement roofing installations that create permanent ambient temperatures. 

Which Window Dressings Should You Choose?

This depends on your personal choice and budget. Firstly consider what window dressings you have in use. Do you want to install complimentary curtains or blinds? Or would you rather be more dramatic with your choice? 


The morning sun can illuminate your conservatory beautifully but sometimes toning down the harsh rays is essential. In saying that, however, you don’t want to block out the light completely. We recommend vertical or Venetian blinds as each style can be adapted to control the amount of light you’re most comfortable with. 

We strongly advise against roller or Roman blinds as they’ll block off the sun and darken the interior too much. Over time, the material will also fade and require replacement. 


Again, we don’t recommend roller or Roman blinds as they won’t last, and window dressings should be considered a long-term investment. Due to the way in which they operate, flies can easily get trapped in the rolling mechanisms and stain the material as well. 

For longevity and practicality our professional team suggests vertical or aluminium Venetian blinds (wooden and PVC options will fade and warp eventually). Replacement slats are easily obtained as well. 


Specialists in warm roof installation, our team at ComfiSpace is still opting for both varieties of blinds as they can be adjusted to allow light whilst preventing anyone outside from looking in. Either style is perfectly suited if this is a major concern. 


As we already stated, purchasing window dressings should be considered a long-term investment. Just like our solid warm conservatory roof insulation panels, you’ll want to purchase something that won’t require replacement but will benefit your everyday use of the space considerably. 

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